Pipelines to do MinION sequencing of Zika virus
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Primer pool recipe

Prepare two primer pools by mixing equal volumes of each primer. To help normalize sequencing coverage, different primers should be pooled at different concentrations. Below you will find which primers should be pooled at 10 uM, 50uM, or 100uM.

The following primers should be pooled at a concentration of 10 uM:

Pool 1  
400_1_out_L 400_1_out_R
400_5_out_L 400_5_out_R
400_7_out_L 400_7_out_R
400_11_out_L 400_11_out_R
400_13_out_L 400_13_out_R
400_15_out_L 400_15_out_R
400_19_out_L 400_19_out_R
400_23_out_L 400_23_out_R
400_27_out_L 400_27_out_R
400_29_out_L 400_29_out_R
400_31_out_L 400_31_out_R
400_35_out_L 400_35_out_R
Pool 2  
400_2_out_L 400_2_out_R
400_4_out_L 400_4_out_R
400_6_out_L 400_6_out_R
400_10_out_L 400_10_out_R
400_12_out_L 400_12_out_R
400_26_out_L 400_26_out_R
400_28_out_L 400_28_out_R
400_30_out_L 400_30_out_R
400_32_out_L 400_32_out_R

These primers should be pooled at a concentration of 50uM:

Pool 1  
400_3_out_L 400_3_out_R
400_9_out_L 400_9_out_R
400_21_out_L 400_21_out_R
400_33_out_L 400_33_out_R
Pool 2  
400_8_out_L 400_8_out_R
400_14_out_L 400_14_out_R
400_20_out_L 400_20_out_R
400_16_out_L 400_16_out_R
400_34_out_L 400_34_out_R

These primers should be pooled at a concentration of 100uM:

Pool 1  
400_17_out_L 400_17_out_R
400_25_out_L 400_25_out_R
Pool 2  
400_18_out_L 400_18_out_R
400_22_out_L 400_22_out_R
400_24_out_L 400_24_out_R