Protocols for sequencing mumps viruses

Consensus genomes

We are releasing draft genome sequences of mumps virus that were sequenced from PCR-positive diagnostic specimens collected by the Washington State Department of Health. We intend to use these sequence data to conduct an investigation into mumps virus transmission in Washington state, outbreak seeding and spread, and epidemiological drivers of transmission. We are releasing these genomes in the hope that they are useful for those individuals involved in the public health response to mumps and to other groups working to understand mumps virus transmission and evolution.

This work represents a pre-publication sharing of pathogen genomic data of public health significance. We believe that open sharing of sequence data and early analyses is necessary to inform public health response in a timely fashion. We encourage other investigators to use these data in their own analyses to better contextualize their work. All we ask is that you let us know if you plan to use these data in a publication. Please email us with any questions or comments at