Hello. This is the new site, meant to replace and expand upon www.trevorbedford.com. There were a few different reasons for embarking on the upgrade.

  • In moving from a personal site to a lab site, I wanted something of a aesthetic break with the past.
  • I wanted to clean up the publishing pipeline from my hacked-together Ruby scripts used in the old site to a more robust build system.
  • I wanted a system that would permit multiple authors, allowing lab members to contribute.
  • I wanted a system to easily share ongoing research results.

I’ve arrived at a publishing system based on Jekyll, which compiles a series of Markdown formatted files along with HTML templates into a static website. Source code for the site is hosted on GitHub, so that anyone with commit access can update the site. Changes to the GitHub repo are automatically pushed to the live site, hosted on Amazon S3, with a custom web app that I wrote that listens for webhooks from GitHub, which fire whenever the site is updated. All of this results in a very streamlined publishing process, and allows inexpensive and fast web hosting through Amazon. Ongoing projects have project pages, in which code is pulled in from the project’s GitHub repo and resulting Markdown files are compiled and presented on the site. Additionally, metadata on project contributors and recent commits is presented along side. More information on this web stack can be found here.

I’ve moved a lot of content over from the old site, including all the blog posts, but there are a few legacy projects that will just remain over at www.trevorbedford.com/projects.html.