This has been a busy, but fun and productive, summer. Lots of things going on. I had a couple conferences, traveled to Brazil in June to help with Zika sequencing and traveled to South Korea for a collaborative visit. In addition to lab things, I’ve been working with Charlton Callender, Richard Neher and Colin Megill on the nextstrain project, trying to get all the pieces of the pipeline together. We’re basically doing a full refactor from the existing nextflu codebase to include a database to manage sequence and serological data, improved build pipelines and more flexible visualization tools. I’ll try to write more on the nextstrain project at a later date. We’re trying to have a prototype ready by Dec 1 when Open Science Prize judging will be held.

Lots of activity in the lab:

I’m looking forward to the coming year. We have lots of momentum at this point and it will be fun to see the science that’s produced.