John Huddleston

PhD student
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I am a second-year MCB student in the Bedford Lab. I am generally interested in evolutionary biology, genomics, and bioinformatics. My interests in these fields developed while studying genetic algorithms during a master's program for computer science at Western Washington University (WWU). This research motivated me to return to school to study evolution where I explored prezygotic reproductive isolation between species in the apple maggot species group (Rhagoletis). During my master's in biology at WWU, I had the opportunity to join Evan Eichler's lab in University of Washington's Genome Sciences as a bioinformatics specialist where I studied structural variation and genome assembly in primates.


Deep mutational scanning of hemagglutinin helps predict evolutionary fates of human H3N2 influenza variants

Nextstrain: real-time tracking of pathogen evolution


augur - Pipeline components for real-time virus analysis

baltic - BALTIC - adaptable lightweight tree import code for molecular phylogeny manipulation, analysis and visualisation

nextflu - Real-time tracking of influenza evolution

janus - Build and deploy Nextstrain


Deep mutational scanning helps predict evolutionary fates of human H3N2 influenza variants