Victor Lin

Full Stack Developer
Google Scholar

I am a full stack developer supporting development of Nextstrain. Previously, I was a software engineer on the Microsoft cloud security team building automation tools for security analysts. Other prior involvements include building, a virus discovery platform based on public data within the Sequence Read Archive, and supporting cancer research under Dr. Lei Zhou.

I graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s in computer science and statistics.


fauna - RethinkDB database to support real-time virus analysis

cli - The Nextstrain command-line interface (CLI)—a program called nextstrain—which aims to provide a consistent way to run and visualize pathogen builds and access Nextstrain components like Augur and Auspice across computing environments such as Docker, Conda, and AWS Batch. - The Nextstrain website

augur - Pipeline components for real-time phylodynamic analysis

auspice - Web app for visualizing pathogen evolution

sacra - Cleaning scripts for real-time pathogen analysis