Tracing the origin, spread, and molecular evolution of Zika virus, Puerto Rico, 2016–2017

Santiago GA, Kalinich CC, Cruz-López F, González GL, Flores B, Hentoff A, Charriez KN, Fauver JR, Adams LE, Sharp TM, Black A, Bedford T, Ellis E, Ellis B, Waterman SH, Paz-Bailey G, Grubaugh ND, Muñoz-Jordán JL. 2021. Emerg Infect Dis 27: 2971-2973.


We reconstructed the 2016–2017 Zika virus epidemic in Puerto Rico by using complete genomes to uncover the epidemic’s origin, spread, and evolutionary dynamics. Our study revealed that the epidemic was propelled by multiple introductions that spread across the island, intricate evolutionary patterns, and ≈10 months of cryptic transmission.