Data logistics system enabling real-time pathogen surveillance. Built for the Seattle Flu Study.
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Move to REDCap for initial data capture instead of Audere + OneDrive.


  • Setting up REDCap so it will work for all stakeholders.

  • Setting up data entry triggers (webhooks) to post data in real-time to endpoints for enrollments and manifest records.

  • Converting enrollment data to FHIR?


  1. Audere is going away, at least for prospective, kiosk- or clinic-based studies. Maybe still around for at-home studies?

  2. Centralize around a common core of survey questions and single enrollment repository with better visibility for groups doing enrollment.

  3. Better pipeline for receiving specimen manifest records.


  1. Should we push to map question/answers to a BioPortal or FHIR ontology?

  2. How closely do we need to pay attention now to survey construction to avoid pitfalls later? Probably closely.

Prior art

  • REDCap on FHIR — export FHIR documents from REDCap, paper and slides available, not sure about code.

  • Dynamic data pulls (DDP) on FHIR — a way to have EMR records flow into REDCap (and then onto ID3C)

  • FHIRCap?