Data logistics system enabling real-time pathogen surveillance. Built for the Seattle Flu Study.
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ID3C Common Tasks

Kairsten’s notes. TODO: organize with README.

Configuring your local development environment


This tutorial assumes you have the following dependencies already installed.

  • Git
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  1. Clone the git repo
    git clone
  2. To fill the seattleflu database with the backup db copy, run pg_restore --data-only --single-transaction --schema receiving --table enrollment --dbname seattleflu seattleflu-production-<date>.pgdb

  3. To restore the presence/absence data on your local dev instance, you have two options.
    1. Restore from a flat file backup, e.g. pg_restore --dbname seattleflu presence_absence.pgdb
    2. Restore from seattleflu-testing First, remove local records via
        psql seattleflu <<<"truncate receiving.presence_absence"

      Then, run pg_dump against the testing database and re-fill your local database with the results.

        pg_dump --data-only --table receiving.presence_absence --format custom service=seattleflu-testing | pg_restore --single-transaction --dbname seattleflu

Prevent wrapping within psql

Set pager environment variable to less and specify which less method to use. If there’s less than a screen full of information, don’t page it.

PAGER=less LESS=SFRXi psql seattleflu

To save these settings, add the following lines to your ~/.psqlrc.

\setenv PAGER less
\setenv LESS SRFXi


Reset the processing log for all rows to be blank. When the enrollments pipeline is run, it will process all rows with blank processing logs for the current revision. These rows will be marked for update.

update receiving.enrollment set processing_log = '[]';

Running id3c

From within the id3c directory, run the following command to test your install.

PGDATABASE=seattleflu pipenv run ./bin/id3c etl enrollments --help

To process enrollments, run

PGDATABASE=seattleflu pipenv run ./bin/id3c etl enrollments --prompt

To process clinical run

PGDATABASE=seattleflu pipenv run ./bin/id3c etl clinical --prompt

If you don’t have LOG_LEVEL=debug turned on, your logs should be available on your system via

grep seattleflu /var/log/syslog