Extensions of ID3C for the Seattle Flu Study

his directory contains location data we use in ID3C for the Seattle Flu Study and code for importing it.


Snakemake is used to fetch and import files. There are two primary commands:

  • download: Fetches geospatial data from the US Census website. This should be run as few times as possible, as the Census temporarily bans repeat downloaders. Similar, it should not be run in parallel. Using Snakemake’s --max-jobs-per-second 0.5 option should help rate-limit downloads and avoid being banned.

  • import: Imports locations from geospatial data into ID3C. This expects that a clone of the ID3C source code is a sibling to the clone of this repository. If it’s not, set the ID3C environment variable appropriately.


Files stored in the data/ directory are: