Web app for visualizing pathogen evolution

Auspice Documentation

This folder contains the static site generator and the markdown files which form the auspice documentation website. This is currently designed to be served from GitHub pages using the auspice/docs folder. Docusaurus is used to generate the static site.

Folder structure of auspice/docs-src/

  • README.md this file
  • docs/ contains the raw markdown files. The filenames (and directory names) will be used as URLs. New pages here should also be added to sidebars.json.
  • website/ the files needed to build the website.
    • ./sidebars.json define the doc links in the sidebar
    • ./pages/index.js the splash page
    • ./siteConfig.js docusarus configuration - see docs here

How to run

All commands run from this directory (docs-src).

Installing dependencies

npm install

Developing (live reloading etc):

npm run develop

(re-)build the static site

npm run build

This command will modify the files in ../docs/ which is where the GitHub pages site is served from.


Once changes are merged into the master branch and pushed to GitHub the changes will be live.